The growth story of Tectum Group

Entrepreneurship, audacity and hard work.


Establishment of VHB pvba

The Tectum Group traces its origins back to 1981 when VHB was established. The company, which was eventually renamed Dekkers Genk, was founded by Jean Biesmans and Lydie Schols, who initially focused on road construction and later expanded into roofing materials.


Establishment of CPE nv

In 1988, CPE SA was founded as a roofing materials wholesaler and official distributor of Firestone Building Products in Belgium.


Acquisition Cham International

In 1990, Tectum Group acquired Cham International (later known as Group Biesmans), which became the family holding company.


Establishment of Dak nv

The company expanded into Flemish Brabant in 1994 by establishing DAK nv, which specialized in both flat and pitched roofs. This resulted in significant company growth and established us as a major player in the Belgian roofing industry.


Significant growth

Group Biesmans is experiencing significant growth within a short period of time. Therefore, a new head office with offices and warehouses is built in the Vaartstraat in Genk.


Acquisition Dekkers nv

In 2000, Tectum Group acquired Dekkers nv, which initially focused on road construction, but later became involved in waterproofing the Brussels metro. Dekkers waterproofed more than 95% of the Brussels metro. The acquisition triggered a new dynamic, with Tectum Group focusing on complete building renovations, new hires and an adapted strategy.


Establishment of Roofcomfort nv

In 2002, Tectum Group introduced the new concept of Roofcomfort nv, where owners and tenants of buildings with patrimony all over the country can apply for study, budgeting, prevention, intervention, maintenance and renovation of roofs.


Establishment of Dekkers Polska Sp.zo.o.

Tectum Group expanded to Poland in 2005 with the establishment of Dekkers Polska Sp.zo.o, the first international branch of Tectum Group.


Acquisition of Herreman & Lippens

In 2007, the company acquired Herreman & Lippens in Melle. This allowed it to expand its activities to pitched roofs and ventilated facades. The company is now known as Tectum Constructors.


Establishment of Tectum Aluminum

Tectum Aluminum was founded in 2010 with an office in Hoboken. In addition to roofs and facades, the group now also supplies balustrades.


Group Biesmans is renamed Tectum Group

In 2011, Group Biesmans has changed its name to Tectum Group.


Establishment of Protectum

In 2013, Protectum was created, specializing in collective fall protection and liquid waterproofing.


Establishment of Dekkers Sud

In 2014, Dekkers Sud was established in Charleroi, thus extending Tectum Group's roofing activities to Wallonia.


Tectum Group, 1 strong brand

Tectum Group opts for strong branding and communicates under: Tectum Dekkers, Tectum Aluminum, Tectum Roofcomfort, and Tectum Constructors. With a network of 22 companies, Tectum Group employs 420 people every day.


Participation in Hollanddak

Together with MSQ, Tectum Group participates in Hollanddak Group B.V. in Waalwijk (NL), which is one of the largest roofing companies in the Netherlands. They specialize in the installation of synthetic waterproofing membranes for utility buildings, distribution centers and large roof areas of other buildings. This partnership enhances our contractor activities not only in terms of geography but also in expertise.


Class 8 contracting

As the first roofing company in Belgium, Tectum Dekkers obtained the Class 8 certificate. This meant that from then on Tectum Group was allowed to take on roofing projects of more than 5.33 million euros.


Entrepreneur of the Year in Limburg

In 2021, we received the award for Entrepreneur of the Year in Limburg. The jury was impressed by our track record of success and our ambitious goals for the future.


Voka Limburg HR award

In 2022, we won the Limburg HR Award from Voka thanks to our strong HR policy with a clear focus on training and coaching.


Acquisition SIX - Roof & Facade

At the end of 2022, Tectum Group will boost its expertise by adding the Roof & Facade division of contracting firm SIX to its roster. This decision aligns with the company's strategy of prioritizing renovation and its numerous branches in Belgium, with a specific focus on construction renewal renewal and circularity. Read more.