Our values


Green wire

Sustainability and long-term thinking run like a "green" thread through the policy of Tectum Group. With sustainable products and services, we will make a difference in the future. Find out how we are laying the foundation for this today.

Reduce carbon footprint

A first step in the development of our climate strategy is to measure our current climate impact, we also call this the "carbon footprint." This measurement will be carried out for the entire group. So also for the Netherlands and Poland. A detailed reduction plan will then be drawn up to reduce our CO2 emissions and our impact on the environment.

Greening vehicle fleet

One of the measures to reduce our impact on the climate is to green our vehicle fleet. We currently have 61 hybrid or electric cars in our fleet.

Starting in 2023, our employees will only be able to choose fully electric vehicles. Everyone will be provided with a charging station at home so that they can charge both at home and at work. Currently, the counter stands at 85 charging stations.

Circular initiatives

Our R&D department also undertakes initiatives to make our used materials more sustainable. For example, EPDM remnants are recycled into BossCover roof tiles. See press release.

A step further than recycling is the reuse of materials. Here, too, we have succeeded in developing a 100% circular roofing system under our private label BossCover.

Commitment to renewable energy

Currently, 7 buildings at Tectum Group are equipped with solar panels. Good for 333,066 kWh of free energy per year.

We also try to use our energy sparingly. For example, outdated lighting is being replaced with LED lighting.

Promoting biodiversity

By incorporating the installation of green roofs into our product range, we seek to do our part to increase biodiversity. Green roofs are designed to create a unique habitat for plants and animals. Especially in urban environments, it offers great added value by providing a natural view on the one hand and by improving air quality on the other. Read more about our green roofs.